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If you were pulled over by Bloomington police recently for either a traffic ticket or a major moving violation, your long-term costs may be higher than just the cost of the ticket.
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The Law Office of Clark A. Walker is committed to helping people in Bloomington, IL be fairly represented when faced with driving penalties and violations. A solid understanding of traffic law will help you know your rights once you've received a ticket to ensure your license isn't suspended or revoked.
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Located at 318 W Washington St in Bloomington, IL 61701, Clark Walker & his team have been active in the Bloomington community for over 21 years. We routinely participate in community and social activities to do our part in improving the lives of those around us and giving back whenever we can.
Traffic ticket offenses in McLean CountyYou can learn more about Bloomington and some of our initiatives in the community here. 
Our office is in downtown Bloomington, only a couple blocks away from the McLean County Museum of History and Grossinger Motors Arena.

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Few other legal teams will treat your case with the focus and individualized attention it deserves. With the Law Office of Clark A. Walker, each traffic violation situation is unique. We strive to provide personalized service in every situation. Give our team a chance to help with your needs and legally represent you.

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