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Divorce Proceeding: With Children

You will be able to reduce your frustration with your ex-spouse by settling out of court as these conversations & negotiations are typically less emotional. In court, each side has taken time preparing for their client to look best in the eyes of the judge and therefore retain the terms of the agreement they desire. If a divorce that involves children does take place, you should be prepared for a timely suit.


About Child Support Rulings

Clark A. Walker and staff are experts in Central Illinois family law. We understand the stress that often comes along when a marriage or a relationship is having problems or when siblings raise issues against each other. We have helped many family members resolve their problems by correctly arguing facts and convincing the court of your case. For couples, going through a divorce is a traumatic, painful experience. Family law covers all aspects that may affect your relationship with your children after the divorce, as determined by the law.

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