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Family Consent Orders & Agreements

What is A Family Law Consent Order?

Family law consent orders are signed agreements by two parties to formalize decisions related to a divorce. Instead of going to court and having a judge work through each detail, you have the option to negotiate out of court as to the best course of action for moving forward.

Advantages of Settlements, Negotiations or Consent Orders

There are a couple of obvious advantages to settling a divorce before it goes to court. These include time & money savings, reducing frustration, and consideration for your children/other family members involved.

The time you save by signing a consent order is often a relief to everyone involved. In a court proceeding, you have to be physically present for most hearings and spend time deliberating with your legal team. Very few divorce cases held in court are settled quickly and most drag on for months at a time.

The money you save from settling before a court is also significant. If you decide that your divorce must be settled in a courtroom, you will have to pay more in legal fees, courts fees, and more related costs. If you work an hourly job, you are losing out on money you could be making by appearing in multiple court hearings.

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