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Child Support Hearings

During a divorce, it's a difficult process to work through the topic of child support or alimony payments. This is not meant to divide the child’s heart but consider the welfare of everyone involved while making a compromise.

When working with the Clark Walker’s Family Law team in Bloomington, you will be able to remain confident that your best interests are kept in mind and the highest ethical standards will be followed. All parties will be treated with respect and you will be able to have the best possible chance of working towards an acceptable long-term solution.

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If you know that you will need advice about what to ask for with child support, consider the following aspects necessary for making your case:

  • can you demonstrate in a tangible way the care you take for your child(ren)?
    • this would include financial stability, your mental health records, medical history, etc.
  • can you demonstrate that you have stability in your home and can consistently provide a safe place for your child(ren)?
    • this might include homeownership status, renters' history, a record of insurance for yourself and dependents, etc.
  • can you demonstrate a need (a specific use) for child support payments?

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