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When you need a DUI attorney in Bloomington, IL, trust no other name than the Law Office of Clark Walker. Talking to a DUI Attorney is equivalent to consulting a professional about a problem that you need help with, much like how you go to a doctor when you feel ill. A DUI attorney like Clark Walker will provide you with valuable advice on the right things to do and things to avoid after being arrested for DUI. He will also form expert opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of your case so that he knows the best strategy to pursue and win your case.

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A good DUI lawyer will also analyze the details of your charge so that inconsistencies will be raised in court. Consulting an expert in Bloomington, IL like Clark Walker will help build a stronger case. A DUI lawyer is an expert on DUI law, which means knowing the interpretation of the law that will help your case.

If you are falsely accused or arrested incorrectly, you can count on your DUI attorney to properly & respectfully represent you in this difficult time. Trust me, Clark A. Walker, to be your trusted DUI attorney in Bloomington, IL, and my experience will do the rest.

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I am an experienced DUI lawyer in Bloomington, IL. Whether arrested for the first time or not, you can count on me to challenge the charges against you but also to advocate the correct & fair enforcement of the law. Many DUI cases are injustices that happen to innocent people - It is my job as an expert in DUI law to use scientific evidence and resources to challenge a charge. In this way, people can go about their daily lives without having to go through a difficult ordeal of being penalized.

My staff and I also use relevant DUI cases & precedent to help strengthen an argument for your case. Many times, precedent on previously tried cases helps win cases for my clients. Credible witnesses are asked to provide accurate facts that will also help strengthen your case.

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We have also established strategies that are accepted by juries and have a winning record. In addition to being a DUI lawyer in Bloomington, IL, I am also an expert on other traffic laws and provide my services for speeding tickets, driving without a license or insurance, driving with a suspended license, and other traffic violations. You can count on Clark A. Walker to be your lawyer and provide great representation when facing DUI charges in Bloomington, IL and help you in your time of need.


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With my years of experience as a professional DUI attorney, I can also help you with any of the following criminal defense cases:

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Clark A. Walker is the DUI defense lawyer who can help you with major traffic violations such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As these charges can have a devastating effect on your job, family, and way of life, resolving this issue the soonest is imperative. With my skills, I will protect your legal rights and aggressively defend you from DUI charges by examining all evidence such as breathalyzer use, driving history, police procedures, and other circumstances of the arrest. I will then develop a strategy to best protect and defend your legal rights. After all, you are innocent until proven guilty.

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