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When choosing a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in a case, there are several things to consider to ensure that you'll get the best representation possible. We are uniquely positioned in the Bloomington-Normal community to serve & represent our clients in a wide variety of cases in McLean County, Illinois. 

Aside from the knowledge of the law and the ability to detect lapses in the evidence or proceedings, there are a few traits that should be found in a criminal defense lawyer. Having these characteristics makes our attorneys qualified to help with your case. Read about our specialties here. Having a lawyer specializing in criminal defense can be one of the best steps toward acquittal. Clark A. Walker can also help you with any of the following:

Criminal Defense Case Types

Domestic Violence, Battery and Assault Cases

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges related to crimes of violence, we can...

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Possession of Illicit Substances

If you are facing a trial after being apprehended for the possession of drugs, controlled...

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Caught Driving on a Suspended License

Being caught for driving on a suspended license can have serious repercussions on the subject...

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Driving While Intoxicated/Under the Influence

DWI and DUI cases are very similar to other traffic law disputes in court. Pleading...

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Reckless Driving Charges

Criminal defense representation is very common in traffic law cases. Arresting individuals for driving violations...

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Theft, Vandalism, Burglary and Robbery Charges

Trials concerning the damage of property or theft of items require an experienced defense lawyer...

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White Collar Crime and Fraud

Fraud and white-collar crime are not common to Bloomington-Normal but are not unique altogether. When...

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About My Defense Practice - Attorney at Law

Assault and battery, domestic violence, possession of controlled substances, DUI, reckless driving, fraud, theft, and white-collar crimes are some of the cases handled by The Law Office of Clark A. Walker. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will fight for your legal rights to ensure your freedom.

With 25 years of experience providing criminal defense to those charged with crimes ranging from simple traffic matters to felonies, I have helped protect the liberties of those charged, and my staff and I will aggressively represent your case and develop a strategy to best defend you.

25 Years of Experience in Criminal Defense

A major part of being a defense lawyer is discussing and negotiating with assistant district attorneys (ADAs) and the judge. For a criminal defense lawyer, this reputation takes time to build. We take each case seriously to ensure your highest quality representation.

We know that without a good reputation or credibility, presenting to an ADA or a judge will be difficult to get a message through. We work hard to stay active in the community & foster genuine relationships to help our clients.

Professional Criminal Defense Lawyer

A professional defense lawyer will not misrepresent the facts or attempt to trick the court or the jury. Doing so would tarnish your case. They know that any benefit gained maliciously for a particular client can undo many months or years of hard work.

Clark A. Walker is an ethical criminal defense lawyer in Bloomington, IL. Our office believes that every defendant has the right to build a good case so that all their rights are protected. Our office has a streamlined process so we do not miss details that may help your case. We dedicate our time to helping you with ethical approaches to the law.

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